P8000 Power

P8000 Power

P8000 Power combination ECG-Spirometer is a compact instrument that generates full-page reports internally. P8000Power owners can start with a simple resting ECG, then add spirometry and exercise stress testing.





Futuremed’s new P8000 Power is a sleek, attractive and economically priced instrument conceived as a full page ECG, but to which spirometry and exercise stress testing can been added. Features include.

P8000 Power’s unique features includes:

FVC, SVC, MVV and Pre/Post Bronchodilator Testing
Large, real time display of Flow/Volume or time/Volume graphs:
The ability to view tests as the patient performs the maneuver helps you ensure test quality, for optimal results
Full alphanumeric keyboard
Reports can be personalized with patient information, technicians’ observations and physicians’ notes.
Shortcut buttons
Buttons under the LCD correspond to the menu on screen, for faster navigation and easier operation.
Full page internal printer
This unique feature lets you print full page (8.5″ x 11″) reports in virtually any setting
Port for connection to standard external printers
Full page, plain paper reports can be easily obtained.
Memory to store patient reports for reference / printing at a later time
Multiple spirometry interpretation programs including Knudson, ITS, ERS and others.
AC/DC Operation
A rechargeable battery for performing approximately 100 spirometry reports or 300 ECGs per charge.
P8000-Power is ideal for mobile testing and in emergency situations.

P8000 Power meets ATS, OSHA and Social Security standards for spirometry.

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